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Horse Ploughing


The Weald of Kent Ploughing Match brings to the fore all types of ploughing the land down through the years, from traditional horse ploughing, through to steam ploughing, vintage and current ploughing using the most up-to-date equipment.


We hope every year to attract enough heavy horses to compete in the horse ploughing. However, as many know, both the heavy horses and the ploughmen themselves are in short supply!


If it is not possible to have a horse ploughing class at the annual match, we persuade an experienced horse ploughman to demonstrate the skills of this age-old way or working the land.


Come and see the heavies getting ready for ploughing. Just see the effort which ploughmen and women put into the horses’ amazing turnout. For many it will be a reminder of their youth working the land; for the younger generation it will show the skill necessary to accomplish a straight furrow!


But please remember not to walk over the horses’ ploughing areas for your own safety.

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