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Dog Agility

Dog lovers Jan and Ian Linch came up with the idea of people showing off their dogs after seeing so many family pets, and the odd working dogs, being brought to the ploughing match each year. While most were not eligible to take part in the terrier racing there was not much left for them to do but follow their owners about or relax in the sun.
Jan has five dogs – three Collies, a Sheltie and a Pommapoo (who looks and acts more like a cat!), is keen on dog agility and will be organising a demonstration and encouraging people and dogs to tackle the have-a-go course.
​The fun dog show has several classes including best puppy, best veteran and the dog the judge would most like to take home. There will be plenty of rosettes and a doggy goody bag for each winner.
Fun show for all Ability Agility 
From beginners (18 months) to Experienced and Retired 
If you have never tried agility and fancy ago, come and join the “Newbie” classes. Junior Handlers welcome! 
Show opens at 8.30am, briefing at 8.45am Judging Starts at 9.00am 
Most classes are graded 1 – 7 for all sized dogs – 5 heights 
Closing date Monday August 9th 2021
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